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Download free GameCam v1.4

Game Cam allows the recording of real-time in game movies with sound via hot keys or an easy to use in game interface. Game Cam was designed to work with most DirectX 7, 8, 9 and OpenGL games.

Game Cam is packed with a variety of features, but . . .

Game Cam's best feature is that its features are optional. Game Cam has preset default settings that should be optimal for most computers so you can jump right into the action in 4 easy steps (See Getting Started).

Profile Manager lets you create a unique profile for each game. You can define hot keys, adjust quality / performance levels, add watermarking, thumbnailing, and modify various settings. All features listed can be customized independently for each game.

Cached Video Recording (CVR)
Have you ever wandered around a map for 5 minutes before you got caught up in an awesome battle and emerged victorious? Have you ever had a cool or unbelieveable gameplay moment that you wish you could replay as anything other than a flashback?

With Game Cam's exclusive CVR technology, you'll never miss a moment. Forget searching through a ten minute video to find that one cool moment. Now you can get what you want, when you want it.

Cached Video Recording is managed for a specified length of time that is chosen by you. Instead of one continuous recording, try starting with a 30 second timer. As the newest frame is cached during gameplay, the oldest frame is dropped so you'll always have the last 30 seconds. An unlimited number of movies can be saved whenever you choose to save them and only the last 30 seconds are recorded to video. (more)

In Game Video Preview Window
The preview window is a useful visual aid since it is real-time. As you adjust your video capture guide, the changes are reflected in the preview window. The preview window lets you know when you are recording, if sound is on or off, if recording is paused, and if CVR mode is enabled.

Video Capture and Encoding
Multiple File Formats Game Cam supports WMV (Windows Media Video) and AVI (Audio Video Interleave) formats.
Video Capture Guide This guide is provided as a visual aid for users that want to capture video in one size and save to another size. You can capture all or part of the game screen regardless of screen resolution. (You can play in 1024x768; capture in 640x480; and save to 400x300).

Watermarking Your personal watermark:
may be chosen independently for both video capture and still image capture.
has adjustable translucency.
can be positioned anywhere within your still image or video.

Compression Real-time video and audio compression can be utilized for smaller file sizes.
You can also change quality levels for video, and adust frame rate, frame size, and video aspect.

Image Capture
Guide The in game image capture guide lets you define the portion of the screen that you want captured to still image (screenshot). You can choose guide color and transparency, and adjust the guide during game play.
Size Most game screenshots are TGA or BMP formats and are 2 MB or more. Game Cam saves your still images in JPG format and are often less than 300 KB.

Auto Thumbnails (video and image capture)
Thumbnails are automatically created each time you record video or capture still images and are provided as a convenience for website owners and to help gamers who record several movies of the same game. You can turn auto thumbnails on or off.
Size There are no restrictions on thumbnail width or height. Simply choose the size of the thumbnail image you want to represent your movie and upload it to your website.
Selectable Thumbnail
(video only)
This option was added for map makers and gamers who want a specific thumbnail to represent a particular movie. You can choose each movies thumbnail while recording.

Audio Capture and Encoding
Audio Settings Gives you the ability to adjust the sample rate, channels, and bits.
Audio Toggle You can toggle audio on or off giving you the option to mute or record the action.

In Game Interface
Guides Both guides (video capture and image capture) offer multiple visual aids. Your guides can be solid or outlined, captions can be turned on or off, and color preferences can be defined.
Multiple Video Aspects Your movies can be recorded in standard, widescreen, or any other custom aspect ratio you choose.
In Game Hot Key List Game Cam is equipped with an in game hot key list that can be toggled on or off for uninterrupted game play.
Remote If you don't like hot keys, Game Cam offers a fully interactive in game remote.
Transparency To minimize game play interference, the in game interface (remote, hot key list, messaging) offers adjustable transparency.

Guard Options (does not apply to CVR)
Guard provides optional protection. Guard options were implemented for users with low disk space, file size restrictions, and those who simply find it easy to forget they are recording.
Disk Space Allows users to set minimum disk space. Recording will automatically stop when your preset minimum is reached.
File Size Allows users to set a maximum file size. Recording will automatically stop when your preset maximum file size is reached.
Video Timer Allows users to set a maximum video recording time. Recording will automatically stop when your maximum recording time is reached.

Miscellaneous Options
File Manager Game Cam will manage your movies for you. Movies are automatically saved in a different folder for each game so that you don't have to sort through them.
System Tray Game Cam offers a system tray icon that will allow you to launch any game after a profile has been created.

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