Dracula Origin

Friday, June 6, 2008

Nice release vrom team RVL, nothing ripped and size just one CD
Mysteries, riddles, love, fear, and vampires...
Dracula: Origin plunges you into a fantastic, gothic and romantic story. From Victorian England to the disquieting Transylvanian mountains, hurl yourself in pursuit of the Prince of Darkness through a succession of flamboyant scenes and magnificent gothic decors. Supported by impeccable graphics, a solid scenario and numerous riveting puzzles, Dracula: Origin will engage you in an unforgettable gaming experience throughout this major adventure game.
Key features:

- A Gothic, romantic and fantastic atmosphere, true to the original as conjured up by Bram Stoker, providing a completely immersive adventure.
- A relentless hunt through several countries for one of the most terrifying characters in horror literature.
- A confrontation between 2 radically opposed heroes: Van Helsing, the spiritual hero, a sober scientist fighting the young and flamboyant Dracula, as inhuman as he is evil.
- Interact with over 40 characters. Use and combine more than 150 objects associated with the vampire-themed of the game (stake, statue, garlic, mirror...).
- Superb graphics mixed with 2D environments and 3D characters wrapped up in an excellent story line.
- A progressive Help System, for players who get stuck on a riddle or mystery, provides increasingly pertinent clues.
we know from the relesases
Dracula.Origin.Speech.Addon-ALiAS (06/01/08@15:18:45)
Dracula.Origin-ALiAS (06/01/08@15:16:31)
1.:Alias does shit on the complette line, 1. WTF mp3 to wav to ogg with ~45kb/s we dont know any sense of them mp3 is a worser format than ogg, why not downsapling the oggs? but so reencode 940 wavs to ogg(need on slow pc time
2.: Alias remove Movies they dont test the game and dont see the game need it see pic from some movie in proof dir, you see pics with black fileds? ya thahts alpha, Alias dont see thaht the game use biks for the Vegatation and other things
with my Rip you have the full deal, full game only with a little Downsapled movies

Download Dracula.Orgin.3CDRIP.Read.NFO-REVEALTiON:

in 2 rar parts:
01 02
01 02
01 02
in 8 rar parts:
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Password: www.opgamez.net

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