Mumbai Salsa

Monday, June 2, 2008

FREE DOWNLOAD Movie - Mumbai Salsa

Genre :Social

Director :manoj Tyagi

Cast :Linda Arsenio...... Pamella
Indraneel Sengupta...... Karan
Dilip Thadeshwar...... Subramaniam
Manjari Phadnis...... Maya
Vir Das...... Rajeev Sharma
Neelam Chauhan...... Zenobia
Ray Irani...... Shahji
Alisha Chinoy

Mumbai Salsa is a funny look at the fast emerging dysfunctional relationships that exists within the young corporate India. There was a time when an average Indian was laidback, content and with plenty of time for love, life & relationships. But the economic liberalization, foreign investments, BPOs etc changed all that. An average Indian does not have time for love life or relationships and romances do not blossom in parks anymore. In fact an average Indian spends more time in pubs and night clubs apart from offices and home. Mumbai Salsa is one such pub in Mumbai, where the lives of our principal characters change forever.

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