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Sunday, June 8, 2008

FREE DOWNLOAD PC Game from Rapidshare- Halo 2

Features of Halo 2:

* Master Chief can now wield two weapons at once, board Covenant vehicles and steal Covenant weapons like the incredible double energy sword
* Lead an all-new unit of super-soldiers, the ODST -- tougher, badder and deadlier versions of your old comrades
* New enemies, allies and surprises around every corner - intense combat action with enhanced AI and real-time lighting
* Immense single-player action with maassive landscapes and huge cities to explore and defend - destructible and interactive environments
* Take the action online with your Xbox Live and switch sides, to become a Covenant Elite!

System Requirements of Halo 2:
OS: Windows Vista for Halo 2
Processor: 2 Ghz Pentium 4 class processor (or x64) for Halo 2
RAM: 1 GB for Halo 2
Hard Drive: 7 GB for Halo 2
Video Card: DX9 graphics card: WDDM driver, PS 2.0/32BPP, At least nVidia 6000 or ATI x700 or above for Halo 2
Online Multi-player: Internet connection for Games for Windows – LIVE for Halo 2
Drive: DVD-ROM drive for Halo 2

Rapidshare Links of Halo 2:

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